3 Reasons Why You Need To Outsource

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Some businesses may wonder why it is necessary to outsource any form of writing.  They already have employees that can do this work for them.  Or they even spend time doing the writing themselves. Here are 3 reasons why outsourcing could be a smart business move! Consider it today and get ahead of your competitors.

3 Reasons Why You Need To Outsource


Save Time - Content Cat Creations - Outsource

1) Save Time


Save time and outsource content writing. 

Time is precious for us all. Time is money for a business owner. 

When it comes to writing a quality piece, you need to do your research for the topic. To create copy that is relevant and interesting for the reader. Some companies already have someone in their office, who can produce the odd article/blog for you. Great, that you have somebody internally that can do that for you. But is that their main role in the company? If not, then you could be taking time away from that employee, that would be better focused on their key skills.

By outsourcing, you are ensuring that the work will be researched and also written with focus. That time that you lost with your employee is gained. Also, you do not have to get in an awkward situation and ask them to do it “as an extra bit of work”.

If you have a deadline to meet, you can be reassured that the work will be complete on time. This is easier, than stressing out a long-term employee. One that is already very busy with their own their dedicated work.

Save Money - Content Cat Creations - Outsource

2) Save Money


This is very much tied in with Time. It might seem a bit strange to say that you are going to save money, when you outsource content writing. But it is true! Remember the stressed employee above, who was doing their “extra bit”? You were losing money, as they were not being as productive, as they normally would have been.

Sit down for a minute and think about how long it would take YOU to research and write a blog post. If you are not a natural writer, it can take many rewrites to finally complete some workable copy. Outsource the work to a specialist, so that you do not have to worry about it!

Recruiting and hiring a dedicated writer for your team, is so expensive. Compared to outsourcing the work, for a fraction of the cost.


A Different Perspective - Content Cat Creations - Outsource

3) A Different Perspective


It is amazing, to have access to somebody, who has a different perspective about your company. They can tell you more about the products and services you sell, this can be a game changer. A writer based externally can scan your company for your unique selling points. They may have a completely different idea/concept, that can revolutionise your marketing.

There could be a little gold nugget in your company, that is not promoted and it could be a potential goldmine.

Always remember to treat your writer as a consultant and listen to any suggestions that they can offer. When you work with external resources, such as freelancers, you can learn so much from them. They have worked for different companies, in different industries. They have valuable information.

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