4 Ways A Blogger Can Benefit Your Business

Every day more and more people are in lockdown globally. Now is the perfect time to get a handle on your business communication. Right now, you have a captive audience. A blogger could benefit your business.

You might be a start-up business and have not started your content delivery yet. Or your blog is on the back burner.

It doesn’t matter what stage you are at in your business. According to Hubspot, when marketers focus on blogging, they see 13x more positive ROI.

Creating and maintaining a blog could be your next best business move!

How A Blogger Can Benefit Your Business

So, how can this work practically for your business? Here are four real ways in which a blog can benefit your business, and help you spread the word.

1. Your Blog Can Help Create Real Communication

Are you connected to your customers and clients?

If you are only in contact when you are conducting a business deal, you could be missing a trick. A weekly blog can help to improve your communications for your business.

The need for a blog might not seem important if you have regular business and work.

But what if your market changes?

Your clients and customers might look for something different. If they don’t know that you can help them with this new change. They might ask a competitor.

If you are in regular contact with them, they will know what you offer. The weekly blog post will help to plant a seed.

Your business name will pop up in their emails every week. Your business will take root in their subconscious.

They will remember you next time they place an order or want to invest further.

Benefit your business - New product

2. A Blogger Can Showcase Your New Product Or Service

So, you have a new product or are introducing a new service.

A blog is the perfect tool to get it out there. Let everybody know about the next stage in your business.

It doesn’t matter what type of blog post you use. Why should you be the same as everybody else?

Get Creative To Benefit Your Business

Collate all the best parts about your product or service, and let your blogger get creative. Thinking outside the box and brainstorming unusual ideas can create the best results. Bloggers are experts in this area.

Benefit your business

3. Boost Your Business With Search Engine Optimisation

SEO can be challenging, especially with constant algorithm changes from Google. But it is still possible to rank high on google and other search engines.

If you create regular content that is informative for your readers, this will get noticed. As your content starts to rank higher, your business will become more noticeable in your niche.

This ranking can help you to boost your business by receiving more organic traffic.

Gold dust feedback

4. Get Gold Dust Feedback To Benefit Your Business

Another benefit of having a business blog is receiving feedback. The comments section on a blog post allows people to interact.

Let’s face it; they have taken the time to write a comment. Your content has engaged them and created an emotional response.

Feedback can be both positive and negative. Of course, we all love positive feedback. But negative feedback can be as rewarding. A negative comment might highlight something you need to change. Or even show the weakness of a competitor, which you can then capitalise on.

Comments Can Benefit Your Business

The comments section can give you personal contact. Why not take advantage of the potential possibilities? What do you have to lose?


In Conclusion

If you want to give your business a significant push, hiring a blogger could be the perfect solution. A blog is a quick and easy way to get your business noticed. Here are the four main benefits:-

  • Create real connections to your audience.
  • Showcase your product or service.
  • Boost your business with SEO.
  • Gain gold dust feedback to help your business.
4 Ways A Blogger Can Benefit Your Business

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