5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog


Your business needs a blog! Setting up and running a blog takes time. But the benefits of starting a blog can far outweigh any concerns. You know your business inside and out, and you want to grow and become more successful. Word of mouth can be wonderful in the early stages. But as things progress, you need to find other ways to tap into your marketplace.

Is it the last part of the jigsaw puzzle, for your future success?


Search Engine Optimisation

So what is Search Engine Optimisation?

According to Wikipedia, Search Engine Optimisation “is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.”

Spending some thought on SEO is very important if you want your business website to get noticed in the world. Especially if you are in an industry that has a lot of competitors, it is always important to try and stand out from the crowd!

There are many search engines, but Google, as we all know, is No. 1. Google measures all documents on a website for “freshness”. A blog is a great way to add regular fresh content. This article from Search Engine Journal explains more about how this works.

When writing your blog posts, you must carry out keyword research. This research enables you to add these essential keywords in your article/blog post and will help you rank higher. Make sure that you include the keywords in your titles!

Your business needs a blog - Customer Connection

Connecting With Your Customers – Existing and Potential

Without a doubt, customers are the most important thing to have for a business. If you have no customers, you have no business. Customers can be classed in two distinct areas – Existing and Potential. They are both critical.

A Business Needs A Blog To Connect

A blog is a great way to keep existing customers engaged and interested in your business. It can make them feel part of your community, as they have already bought something from you and know you. By having a blog, the customer will become further engaged.

For potential customers, a blog can be a great way to gain new subscribers. These subscribers can then receive your latest news and posts. By keeping them engaged and interested, you could have an eventual sale. Also, these new subscribers will talk to their friends and family about your business.

Unique Selling Points

A Business Needs A Blog To Focus On Unique Selling Points

In Marketing and Sales, you are always told to focus on the unique selling points. These unique selling points are vital in selling your product or service.

When you have a blog, it can make you focus on delivering the correct message to your customers. Consider your unique selling points and incorporate them into your blog posts. Highlight them. Use them to your advantage. Use your best photos to showcase your business.

By drawing attention to these positives, it can be a great reinforcement of your company. You could also make a short video and place this in the blog, a video showing a demonstration of one of the products. Or a video introduction to your services.


Great PR Is Sharing

I have a degree in Public Relations, and I am aware of what effect a great PR campaign can have for a business.  Over the last 10-15 years, we have all seen significant advancements in Social Media. Social media has enabled companies to use other platforms, in a way they never could before.

People are curious to know what other people are doing. Using Social Media, with a click of a button or two, your blog post can be shared to someone’s network. The beauty of this is that their friends can also share your post and on it goes. Awareness of your business grows exponentially.

You can start with a blog on your website. Every time you write a new job put it on Facebook, Twitter etc. Watch how the post is Liked and Shared etc. This can be a great indicator to know what people like about your company, and you can model future posts on popular ones.

It can also be another great source of sales. Some people are so comfortable using Social Media. They would prefer to send you a message expressing interest. That way, you can get back in touch with them and have a super connection from the beginning.

Your business needs a blog - Content Cat Creations - Credibility

Credibility – Shine brighter than your competitors.

Customers are faced with so many choices when they buy a product. Is it the right product for them? Is it the right price? Are they buying it from the right business?

A Business Needs A Blog To Build Trust

The list is endless. If you can make your business shine brighter than the rest, you will reap the rewards. Customers want to buy from a company that they can trust. You need to show that your business conducts itself professionally. That it cares about its customers.  By having a blog for your business, it allows you to tell the world why your company is so unique. Why should they trust you over your competitors?

Share your success stories with your customers. There is no need to be shy. Everybody loves to hear positive news, and they will remember you next time!

Finally…Your Business Needs A Blog

Running a business is hard work. If you have the option to surround yourself with a great team, everything can fit into place. You can have your business running like a well-oiled machine in no time. Then when problems or situations arise, you can adapt to them with ease.

But what if you do not have this option and you want to start a blog for the business? Have you been trying to do it yourself, but cannot find the time? Do the words escape you?

Get in touch with me directly. We can arrange a call to discuss your needs, and I can explain how I can help you – sally@contentcatcreations.com

Ready to go? Want to start creating regular blog posts?

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog

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