How Content Writers Can Help SaaS Companies

Help Saas companies

According to research by Gartner, the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry is already worth $172 billion. The SaaS industry keeps growing yearly and shows no signs of stopping. Facing such competition, who can help SaaS companies to communicate their message effectively? What is the easiest solution to counter this situation? 

Buddying up with a content writer can help SaaS companies in many ways. While technology is 100% their thing, writing an article might not be. Having a writing partner helps keep the content fresh and engaging for potential customers.

Five Ways Content Writers Can Help SaaS Companies

Here are five examples of how a B2B content writer can help with content creation and help promote SaaS companies in the best possible way.

1) Shout Your Success Stories From The Rooftops

If you’ve already had success with clients, you must be shouting this from the rooftops. A company’s reputation is everything! 

Trust is a big issue when you first start working with somebody. You could cross your fingers and hope everything works out. Or you can do your research and work with a great company.

A content writer can speak with your top clients and interview them to create a case study. This content can help you highlight the success you have had with your customers. 

It also allows you to showcase the benefits of using your software. Each customer success story also gives you another page on Google. Yay!

2) Generating Leads And Educating Potential Customers

Your content writer can create free resources and lead magnets for your business, and these can be anything from ebooks to whitepapers. You can provide this valuable content in exchange for their contact details. 

This type of content helps you to create an email list. You can nurture this list and turn the list into paying customers. You can also use this content to:

  • Establish your company as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Educate potential customers about the benefits of your SaaS product
  • Generate interest in your product by highlighting its capabilities and features  

3) Creating Thought Leadership Content

A content writer can help SaaS companies establish their expertise and thought leadership in their respective industries. 

You can use articles, blog posts, and other types of content that show your company’s knowledge and insights into a particular area. Your company can become the go-to resource for this must-know information.

Your thought leadership content can also help to meet multiple company objectives. You might be looking to build your brand and create more lead opportunities. 

Spending time on a thought leadership strategy is 100% worth it. It could be the one thing that differentiates you from your competition and gets you noticed.

4) Writing Different Types Of Marketing Copy

A writer can also create compelling content for anything you want to put out there! You can use marketing copy in emails, social media posts, or website content. 

Effective marketing copy can help your business in many different ways. Here are some examples:

  • Communicating benefits and unique selling points of your software
  • Highlighting your company’s experience and expertise in the field
  • Creating a strong brand and messaging that sets you apart from competitors
  • Using calls-to-action to move prospects through your sales process
  • Pushing campaigns for different customer segments with specific pain points

It can all help to attract and convert leads. You can then replicate successful campaigns and ramp up your results. You’ll also know what doesn’t work and can use this to your advantage.

5) Crafting User Guides To Help Customers

Once businesses have bought your product, you want them to get the most out of it. These are the companies that will become your customer success stories. 

A content writer can spend time creating clear and concise product documentation and user guides. This type of content works best when:

  • The language is simple, with minimal jargon and industry words
  • It has short paragraphs, with clear headings, and bullet points
  • There are use cases and step-by-step instructions

You can also work with the content writer to include diagrams, images, and videos to break up the content and make it easier for readers to understand complex info.

Next Steps To Ramp Up Your Content

A content strategy can help you assess where you are right now and where you want to go. You can create a content plan to help you cover all your content needs. 

You must also ensure your strategy is flexible enough to change with the times. Review it regularly and change it if you need to improve your results.

It’s not always about ranking on Google. It’s about providing valuable information to potential customers tp gain new business. 

You want to attract and retain like-minded partners to grow your business and promote a healthy and positive work ethos. A content writer can help SaaS companies get it right.

Need help creating content? Book a time slot with me, and let’s have a chat! 

How Content Writers Can Help SaaS Companies

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