10 Benefits For Business When You Hire A Freelance Content Writer

Hire A Freelance Content Writer

Outsourcing your writing to a freelance content writer might not be part of your business strategy. But some clear benefits could help your business. Running a business is hard. You want to cover all your bases, keep moving forward, stay relevant in competitive industries and make a profit. Thankfully, you can hire a freelance content writer to get a bit of respite and free up your time. Here are ten reasons why it’s time for you to give it a go!

#1 You Can Hire A Freelance Content Writer To Help Maximise Your Time

Time is of the essence if you are a business owner. There are only so many hours in the day, and you need to make them work for you. You might be an excellent writer, but it takes time and effort to create great content. Don’t feel trapped thinking you have to micro-manage all the business content.

Some entrepreneurs work a crazy amount of hours each week. You can eliminate stressful content deadlines from your mind when you outsource your writing. It clears your mind as a business owner to concentrate on more pressing issues. Additionally, you will be more productive across your all day.

#2 You Can Start To Create Quality Content Across Your Business

The quality of your content will be far better when you outsource it to a professional writer. The knock-on effect is that your company can project a better image. This positive image leads to more engagement and interest from potential customers. 

You can also kill the two proverbial birds with one stone as your brand management will sky-rocket. You can have absolute continuity and style across the board. All your content will link together and make sense to whoever reads it. 

Outsourcing Is Cheaper Than You Think

#3 Outsourcing Is Cheaper Than You Think

Many business owners decide not to outsource writing as they think it will be too expensive. The costs are not as bad as you might think. Plus, you can always get a quote before working with a writer. Writers charge an hourly rate, an item rate, or per project. So you can find something that works for you.

Freelance Writer Vs. Employee

Don’t forget; you do not have to pay for their workspace, holidays, sickness, etc. You are working with them for their specialised skills. When you compare it to the costs of employing a full-time writer in the office, there is a definite gap.

#4 You Can Use Content Writers For Different Projects

 It’s not only about blogs and website content. There are so many things a freelance content writer can do for you. Here are a few examples:

  • Social Media content
  • Industry insight articles
  • Ebooks for lead generation
  • Case Studies to showcase customer success stories
  • Converting podcasts into articles/blog posts
  • White Papers
  • Long-form content
  • Email content

#5 You Can Improve Project Completion Times

Another clear bonus of hiring a freelance content writer is improving project completion times. Your freelance writer is on-hand to work for you. You can set clear deadlines and leave the work in their capable hands. It can help you to handle project completion times.

All you need to do is make sure your brief is clear for the writer. The writer can then get to work creating the content that you need. Don’t forget to counter time for any additions or edits. But a detailed brief can help to keep these to a minimum.

Researcher With Specialist Knowledge

#6 When You Hire A Freelance Content Writer You Gain Access To Specialist Knowledge And Experience

Writers are excellent researchers. This research skill is not something that anybody can do. Not everybody likes to learn everything there is to know about a subject. Writers thrive off it; they learn about a topic and then write. Also, they are already one step ahead if it is their niche.

When you work with a freelance content writer, you gain access to an intelligent researcher who will create valuable content. Imagine how long it would take you to do the same thing? Save yourself time and trouble by tapping into the powers of a writer. It’s a no-brainer!

#7 You Can Avoid Dealing With The Dreaded Content Mills

You might have already worked with some content mills to create fast, cheap content. It doesn’t scream quality. The people at the top run the content mills, not the writers. Most writers are under pressure to produce copy quickly and at low prices.

Hire A Freelance Content Writer That Cares About Your Business

A Freelance content writer will always take more consideration and care with their work. If you want to have quality content and a lasting relationship with a freelance writer, avoid cheap, quick content. You can work with a professional writer and have a far better experience.

#8 You Have A New Brainstorming Opportunity

Business is all about making connections and networking. Working with a freelance writer is another brainstorming opportunity for you. You might be talking together about an article one minute and then have a business idea pop into your head in the next moment.

Most writers have exciting backgrounds and work experience from different industries. These crossovers are valuable for your business. Writers are always happy to learn more, engage and grow with a company. You can look forward to brainstorming sessions and see where it takes your business.

#9 Your Business Will Get Noticed More When You Hire A Freelance Content Writer

If you work with a freelance content writer, you will start publishing more and more content over time. Your target audience will start noticing you and will feel more engaged. Also, Google will sit up and pay notice as well, “Yay!” 

Your business can enjoy the real benefits of producing regular content. You’ll probably kick yourself and wonder why you didn’t do it months ago. But hindsight is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t matter if you are late to the party, as long as you go to the party!

#10 Freelance Content Writers Have Hidden Talents

Freelance content writers usually have profound work experiences. If you don’t know what they did before, ask them. You might be pleasantly surprised to see backgrounds in business, sales, a multitude of different degrees, and solid life experiences. 

Before you know it, you might realise that you can utilise them in others areas of your business. It saves you time and money hiring somebody else to do it. It can also help to strengthen your existing relationship as you create a deeper business connection.

Your Future Business

You can refine your business strategy regularly. Next time you get your business thinking cap on, don’t forget about your content demands. You can hire a freelance content writer to help you across the board. You’ll gain more time, save money and find somebody who can help you in other ways. Don’t be afraid to make some enquiries and see what is out there. It could be the next big step in pushing your business to higher levels of success!

Are you ready to ramp up your content right now? Get in touch, and let’s chat!

10 Benefits For Business When You Hire A Freelance Content Writer

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