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Hire Me

Hire Me

Hire me and I can help you and your business by providing the following specialist services:-

  • Creating unique content for blog posts to increase your search engine visibility.
  • Use your keywords seamlessly to increase your website’s online visibility.
  • Create or rewrite sales copy that helps you connect to clients.
  • Provide copy editing and proofreading services with a quick turnaround.
  • Write a motivational or inspirational speech to wow your audience.

I can write for any niche but I have experience working in the following areas:

  • Business development and client generation
  • Personal Development – specialising in confidence, motivation and time management
  • Recruitment

For blog creation I provide the following service:

  • Create the blog topic
  • Upload posts to your content management system (e.g. WordPress)
  • Include a featured image in all blog posts

You can hire me by contacting me here!