Native English Proofreader – 4 Benefits for Your Business

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Many companies are now working with a Native English proofreader. This decision has been taken to ensure that they are sending out the correct message. As we are all working in an international environment, it is now very common for companies to be selling products and services all over the world. This accessibility to different markets, has contributed to the rise of online businesses. A Native English Proofreader can provide you with the reassurance that you are selling your business in the best possible way.

The written word is becoming more important and the quality of this content needs to be perfect. If you are not based in the UK and your company is dealing with an English-speaking market, you need to read this article from Helen Baldwin on Linkedin!


Native English Proofreader

4 Benefits for Your Business

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A Native English Audience Is Engaged


As an Native English speaker, I read content on articles / blogs and websites that is not up to scratch. I personally find it very off-putting and when I see something wrong I start searching for another company. My thought process is … if the company cannot check their content before publishing it, they are not worth my business. I know they are not giving me 100%. It switches me off.

On the flip side. If a company goes that extra mile and is producing content that is clean, I am connected and I am engaged. When somebody reads your content and is ready to read more you have secured a captive reader and a potential customer.

Make sure that the conditions are perfect in your business for this to happen. Spend some money and time on hiring a proofreader so that your message will hit home.  You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using a Native English Proofreader.


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Save The Company Money By Avoiding Mistakes


It is key to be proactive as opposed to reactive when you are running a business. Mistakes can be costly and the time and effort taken to rectify them can bring added stress.

As an example, you have spent thousands on a fantastic Marketing campaign but find that the response rate is very low. On further investigation it seems that there are a few grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in the text.  A proofreader checked the work before it was published. But they were not a Native English Speaker. Consequently, the content does not seem to flow and in some areas it does not make sense at all.

It sounds like a real-life nightmare and it is for many businesses. So, you need to make sure that you can counter any potential problems. Set up a system whereby all copy is edited and proofread by a Native English speaker. You will then have peace of mind and can avoid these costly events.

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All businesses are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. While having one eye on what your competitors are doing you also need to make sure that you are looking at your own business.

Be honest with yourself and assess your current online content. Is it easy to read? Has it been proofread by a Native English Proofreader? Have all the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes been spotted?

If you are answering yes to all these questions then you are well on track. If you are not, you need to consider hiring a Native English proofreader so that they can check your current content. You can also hire them on a monthly basis so that they can check your work for you. By having your content checked you know that you are providing the best possible content. To engage both your current clients and potential clients.


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By outsourcing the proofreading to a Native English proofreader, you are freeing up valuable time for your employees. They may be experts in writing content and have a great understanding of SEO. But if they are not a Native English speaker they may make grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Also, as a bonus, outsourcing can give support to a department that may already be working at capacity. Producing content with strict deadlines can sometimes cause problems. A final edit and proofread can catch anything that may have escaped tired eyes. Outsourcing the proofreading can provide valuable support to your employees.

You may be surprised how helpful and inexpensive such a service can be. Check out my Native English Proofreading service and ask for a quote now!









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