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Why Online Reviews Are Great For Businesses In 2021

Online reviews are a fantastic way to reach new customers, especially ones who are itching to buy something asap! Do you have an online review section for your product or service? If not, you could be missing out on sales and excellent PR for your business. 

People Love Online Reviews

Reviews are compelling. 2017 research conducted by the Spiegel Digital and Database Research Center found that 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase.

With a statistic as high as that, it only makes good business sense to be open to the concept of reviews.

The Mindset Of A Customer

The customer is ready to buy the product or service, but they want to research before committing themselves. Nobody wants to waste money buying something that is not right for them. 

Online reviews can be the last source of information they need to go ahead and take the plunge. It is akin to their subconscious telling them it is okay and they should go for it!

So how else can online reviews help your business?

Information From Online Reviews
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Understand What Your Customers Like

A customer sees and feels everything businesses do, so whatever the feedback is, reply professionally and promptly answer any queries. 

A review section gives customers the chance to talk about your product. You might have a unique selling point that you didn’t know you had. 

Also, customers’ feedback can show you how superior your product or service is to others on the market.

Be bold and use this user information to your advantage to change your sales copy accordingly.

Online reviews are a terrific way to connect with your customers. When you leave a reply to a comment, it will show potential customers that you are not a robot and are welcome comments and suggestions. 

People will perceive your company as being open, friendly, and one a new customer can trust.

Google Ranking
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Search Engines Love Online Reviews

Don’t forget, ranking high on google can help to drive organic traffic to your website. Online reviews are another way for your business to rank higher and enjoy the perks.

Every time somebody references your business or product in a review, Google will see it as well.

The power of recognition by inbuilt algorithms can raise the profile of your brand with Google.

It is a great way to get noticed amongst your old and new competitors.

Think about this next time you are trying to rank higher with SEO. Are reviews part of your strategy?

Feedback from online reviews
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Constructive Feedback Is Your New Friend

Negative feedback can hurt, but you need to take the emotion out of it.

If it is constructive feedback, you can gain you some valuable intel on unknown issues. Perhaps there is a small thing about your product or service that stops people from buying it.

This feedback could be your “eureka moment”, which will enable you to update your offering and supercharge your sales.

In Conclusion

When you create a content marketing strategy or update a current one for your business, remember to include online reviews.

It is an area that can give you give you more exposure, which is always good for any business. 

  • Understand what excites your customers
  • Rank higher on Google
  • Use constructive feedback to improve your business

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