Below, you will find published articles I have written. A native English B2B writer, I predominantly write for tech companies in several industries. I also help entrepreneurs and startups as they look to expand their content offerings.

On The Leslie Link blog, I write about motivational topics to support freelancers and entrepreneurs with their personal development.

I am always open to new projects and ideas in different industries. Feel free to get in touch here, and let’s chat!

Article for Upshot AI

Personalisation and Customisation: The Key To FinTech Engagement 

An article explaining how FinTech combined with personalisation strategies can help boost business success. 

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RegTech Can Help Compliance Teams

Why Using RegTech Will Make Your Compliance Team Feel Amazing

An article explaining how RegTech can help companies reduce the burden of compliance. 

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Articles for Planet Compliance

Privacy Tech Investment

Why Privacy Tech Investment Could Be Your Best ROI 

1st article from a four-part content series about privacy tech investment.

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The Role Of Forklift Simulator Training РOSHA Standards 

Forklift Simulator Training

An article discussing how forklift simulator training can help meet OSHA standards.

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Case Studies for Plus Your Business

BPI Auctions Case Study

BPI Auctions Case Study

An award-winning case study detailing how BPI Auctions used HubSpot to elevate their business. 

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Viooh HubSpot Case Study

VIOOH Case Study

A case study explaining how PYB helped VIOOH customize HubSpot to address different target audiences.

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Quantum Computing

5 Exciting Areas Of Technology To Help Grow Your Business

An article discussing five areas of technology that can help businesses grow. 

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Blog Posts for Content Cat Creations

Help Saas companies

How Content Writers Can Help SaaS Companies

A blog post explaining how SaaS companies can work with content writers.

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Hire A Freelance Content Writer

10 Benefits For Business When You Hire A Freelance Content Writer

 A blog post detailing the many ways a freelance content writer can help businesses. 

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