5 Benefits Of Proofreading Services

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In an ever-changing world, one thing that does remain constant is the necessity for excellent copy. To be taken seriously, you need to present a rich text that is error-free. Proofreading Services can provide you with unique benefits for your business.

5 Benefits Of Proofreading Services

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1) Experience

If your car was broken, would you go and ask a butcher to fix it for you? Of course, not…you would use a mechanic 🙂 The same can be said for any important piece of work that we need doing.

You may be a great writer yourself and have every confidence in your ability. But one last check by a professional can ensure that all the bases are covered.  You might have missed something silly, but sometimes these little errors can give your text a whole new meaning.

Pass your work to a professional proofreader, for them to give it a proper check. Not only will you have peace of mind that the content is accurate. But you will reap the benefits when impressed clients work with you because your content was accurate!

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2) Cost

Going back to the broken car 🙂 Would you try and barter with your mechanic and give him less money then he deserves?

As with any service, you must look for a proofreader that matches your requirements and pay them accordingly.  There are many proofreaders to select from, all with very different prices. Some charge per page, others per word and there are even rates per hour and project.

Consequently, it is no wonder that clients can become confused when hiring a proofreader.  But the benefit of this industry and the way the payments work is that you are receiving a valuable service that is measurable.

At Content Cat Creations, I charge by the total word count, so that everything is clear before the project starts.


3) Time

A proofreader is working with content every day of their lives, and they are used to scrutinising everything. Ultimately they are always going to be quicker than you or anybody else in your company, who is trying to squeeze it in.

Content needs to be looked at with a fine-tooth comb. Grammar, keyboard errors, spelling mistakes, the list goes on… There is no point in stressing yourself out and working crazy hours and trying to do it all by yourself. Pay for the time it takes for a professional to assess it correctly. You will then meet any deadline with ease.

Native English Proofreading

4) Native English Proofreading

When you use Native English proofreading, you can be assured that your copy will reach a business-standard. Many bilingual speakers will accept that a Native English Speaker could pick up something they did not if it is not their native language.  Being a Native English speaker myself, I always notice similar errors on websites. Many of the mistakes arise because a native speaker has not read the copy.

Always consider using a Native English proofreader, to give you that extra finesse to your work!

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5) Outsourcing

Outsourcing can seem like a dirty word to some people. But in our current business world, it is becoming more and more commonplace. Embrace this way of working and enjoy the benefits. There are very talented people in all areas of work, that can assist you.

Read my article about Outsourcing, to find out three reasons why it could work for you!

For further information about my Proofreading services, please feel free to contact me directly!


5 Benefits Of Proofreading Services

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