6 Little-Known Tips for Creating a Great Website for Your Business

Website For A Business

Having an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly website is crucial for small businesses. Almost half of your potential customers won’t do business with you if your website isn’t professional. 

Small businesses need all the customers they can get, so make sure you invest in a website that is attractive and establishes credibility. 

Here are six tips from Content Cat Creations that every business owner needs to build a great website.

#1 Keep Things Simple

When designing your website, keep simplicity in mind. Websites that embrace simplicity more easily convert leads into customers.

Flow should feel intuitive, and the overall style should feel consistent throughout. Carry a colour scheme throughout your website, always make your logo visible, and break text into small chunks.

Make sure your website isn’t too busy by implementing white space. This makes your content easier to read and look more professional.

A digital banner is a great way to carry your marketing materials across platforms while keeping consistency.

You can create a custom banner online either freeform or by modifying a template.

Simply swap out the colors to your branded ones, add your logo, slant your content to address your specific audience, and then place it across your digital platforms.

#2 Make Content For Your Customers

Customer-focused advertising is what draws in leads and improves customer retention. This is where search engine optimization comes in handy. 

Proper SEO gets you high up on the list of web search results, and relevant content that caters to your customers will help get you there. 

Include blog posts, articles, or interactive elements that feature your products and values so that you attract your ideal customer.


Adding diverse but relevant content to your website can take work, so find ways to motivate yourself to write. 

Or you can outsource your content writing to a ghostwriter like Content Cat Creations

These writers can generate quality content for your blogs or social media or work specifically on content editing for your final products.

#3 Minimise Navigation

People should easily be able to find information about your business through your website.

One way is to use a search function, which reduces the need to navigate and makes it more user-friendly. T

Too many pages can cause frustration, especially if you have a large website.

Make your website’s features easily accessible with optimized menus.

This could include a hierarchical model or a footer with easy-to-see hyperlinks.

#4 Create A Mobile Friendly Website

Your website won’t look the same on a phone or tablet as it will on a computer.

Start building your website with a mobile-friendly approach.

It might make it easier to convert your site across different platforms through responsive themes that automatically adjust your website to match the device it’s being accessed on.

Plus, you want to reach as many people as possible. Data shows that 85% of people have smartphones, making it even more important to ensure your website is easily accessible from mobile phones and computers. 

#5 Prioritise A Streamlined Shopping Experience

Customers want their shopping experiences to be easy.

Forms, carts, and navigation should be simple, and you should give customers the option to pay through the website.

Obtain an SSL certificate to securely accept e-payments. 

#6 Design With The Whole Package In Mind

A well-designed website both attracts and retains customers and uses every tool at its disposal, including SEO and e-commerce.

If you’re not technologically savvy, hire a web developer from DesignFrame Solutions to custom-build the website of your dreams.

If one of your business values is DIY, you can use a website builder that has customizable templates, ready-to-use domain names, and hosting capabilities. Builders make it fairly easy to create and manage your website, even if you’re a novice.



Although web design can be very technical, designing the right website is all about being customer-focused and simplistic.

Take into consideration these six tips to get the ball rolling.

And if you need digital content but don’t have the time to create it yourself, contact Content Cat Creations for quality ghost-written content.


6 Little-Known Tips for Creating a Great Website for Your Business

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